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    My Mod/Admin form

    Post  F A 1 Z on Tue 4 Aug - 17:06

    In game name is - F A 1 Z

    My name is Patrick, live in Washington and im 18.
    I have only started playing this server today, so im not to aware of the server, but I have lots of server experience. I have been playing runescape for about 3 years and not sure on how long i have been playing mopar's. I have never owned my own server, but i have been mod+ on countless servers and I think I could help alot in this server.

    Thanks for reading. Very Happy
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    Forgot to activate my account.

    Post  F A 1 Z on Tue 4 Aug - 17:08

    Before i posted i forgot to activate my account.
    My account is not activated o.O

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